El rol femenino contra el masculino

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  • Publicado : 4 de mayo de 2010
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Name: Erick Francisco Solís Hernández
Id: A01165074
Economics, Social and Politics with an Introductory Vision
TheFemale Role Vs The Male Role
Society Expects People to play an account for their sex.
Along the years the role that woman have in our society had been changing because cultural changes,political, economic, religious and moral barriers that society put to woman.

The Female Role in our society has passed through a lot of obstacles. Since the cavern time the won because of her body smallerthan the man has been rejected of doing hard works that need the strength of the man. The woman role in this time had been only for taking care of the kids, cooking and staying at home.
Then inthe time when commercial relationships and industry grown, woman also was rejected to home and education of kids. But the discovery of the vapor power cause that factories need more workers and womantake place in this, but they work a lot in very harmful situations and exploded, this was considered like slavery.
At beginning of XIX century woman start taking place in university and best positionat jobs. The stereotype that woman has at this time was that has to been married, have kids, and take care of his home it was not very good seen that woman work and they were only ant service jobs.After the Second World War produced a great change how woman was seen, Cultural relativism changed the values and began a new era of rebellion against tradition, family and religion.

In thetwentieth century and twentieth one century, in all civilized countries recognize the rights of women as an adult under the same terms as men.

Women now have full ownership, invade the universitiesand compete with men in all areas of society, both in the workplace hierarchy, as in scientific research and medicine, political positions and higher level in all fields of culture.
The male...
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