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  • Publicado : 23 de octubre de 2010
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Alejandra Chávez October 7 at 12:53pm Report
Noise pollution is considered, by most large cities, as a very important environmental factor. This type of pollution, just like any other,mainly affects society quality of life.
Urban environment pollution or noise pollution are straight consecuenses from the activities benig developed in large cities.

The term ‘ acustic pollution’makes reference to noise when this becomes considered a pollutant. This means that an annoying sound that can prodce .....estaba aqui!****(ubica q las oraciones en espñol son mucho mas largas de logramaticamente correcto posible en ingles por eso las separo en varias)

The term acustic pollution refers to noise when it is considerd a pollutant, that is, a disturbing sound that can produceharmful physicological and psycological effects for an individual or a gruop of people

The main couse of acustic pollution is human activity; transportation, building construction, public work,industry, hmong others. The effects of noise can be physiological, such as hearing loss, and psychological, such as excessive irritability. Noise is measured in decibeles(dB); the most used measurementequipment are sound level meters. A report by the World Health Organization considers 50 dB as the upper limit desirable.

Technically, noise is a high energy type of processes or activities that arespread in the environment as complex wave from the source producer to the receiver at a certain speed and decreasing it´s intensity with distance and the physical environment.

Noise pollution disruptsthe various community activities, interfering with spoken communication, base of human society interaction, disturbing the sleep, rest and relaxation, preventing the concentration and learning, andwhat is worse, creating states of fatigue and tension which can lead to diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

There is documentation about the nuisance of noise in cities since...
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