El universo

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Is the creation of universe an accident and is there no purpose of your life??

The topic on which I am going to take a few minutes of your time is “Accidental Universe”
While doing a research onnature and universe I came across the statements of such people who think that the universe had existed for ever. Some of them think that the creation of universe is a result of an accident and thatthere is no purpose of it.
The main idea of accidental universe was purposed by 18th centaury thinkers such as David Hume and Friod. Charles Darwin was one of the prominent scientists who supportedthis idea. He denied creation and presented “theory of evolution”.

The first idea that the universe had existed forever, collapsed in 20th centaury with the big bang theory. While reading about thebig bang theory at www.big-bang-theroy.com I found out that there was an immense explosion in space 13.7 billion years ago. After that explosion galaxies were created. So the universe did have abeginning.
Later on it was observed that after the explosion, the galaxies started moving away from each other. If you see at www.atlasofuniverse.com you will find out that today the universe is expandingand the galaxies are continuously moving away from each other. If we reverse the time, all that galaxies appear to come from a single point. Scientists describe this point as the point of zero volumewhich means absolutely nothing. To put it an easy other way, the universe was created out of nothing. If the universe was made out of nothing than it can’t be an accident because for an accident tohappen, we need something which can cause it.
According to a famous documentary movie “collapse of atheism” on youtube.com and a book “collapse of atheism” by Doctor Harun from Turkey there is asensitive balance created in the expansion of universe. If it had been different by one part in a billion billion, the universe would have collapsed at time of its creation. A British theoretical...
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