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Causes and Effects of the Occupational stress on Mental Health.

In this paper we focus on the study of job stress and how it affects our mental health. On a series of symptoms that can help to reflect and consider our behavior whether we are suffering from stress. We can also find a number of features that surround people whosuffer and are more vulnerable than others, and ways to avoid control our emotions at work. Well as a number of factors that can help us to avoid suffering from stress. The causes and effects of stress in the workplace are varied, but what matters is how motivated and prepared to deal with different tensions and challenges at work, without neglecting health. Well as understanding the factors thatmotivate stages and as prevent irreversible damage.

Causes and Effects of the Occupational stress on Mental Health.
Stress is defined as a set of physiological and psychological reactions experienced by the body when subjected to certain demands. Stress can sometimes be good, because it stimulates the body to respond to normal events. However, stress becomes negative when the stimuli, beingtoo, beyond the limits of the individual and continues for the time to cause physical and psychological disorders. For many people the daily work is a constant source of negative stress due to increased demands and the large number of objectives and goals to be achieved in a short time.
Modern society lives and develops in an accelerated manner every day face heavy demands imposed by theenvironment, and the constant change in technology, competition and the need to be ever more efficient, which lead individuals to change their pace of life, creating a series of reactions and tense emotional states, which prevent the realization of specific tasks which can be summarized in one short word: stress. The concept of stress was first introduced in the field of health in 1926 by Hans Selye, whodefined stress as the body's general response to any stimulus stressor or stressful situation. Is this individual response to different situations that are presented, leading to a series of physical, biological and hormonal, and at the same time enables them to respond appropriately to external demands.
But stress disorder can be generated not only by emotional or spiritual but social demands andthreats of the individual's environment requiring adaptability and rapid response to problems. In all areas of life, and tensions are generated when someone tries to remove them completely, it is likely that all you get is stressed even more, as rational human beings as intelligent and positive is able to control the tension to channel after a positive way. That is why we can speak of two types ofstress: positive and negative. Positive stress can say that is when people react in a positive, creative and assertive against a determined, allowing them to objectively solve the difficulties that arise in life and thus develop their abilities and skills. However, negative stress occurs when environmental demands are excessive, intense or prolonged, and overcome the resilience and adaptabilityof the human organism.
What is the job stress?
Work stress, mainly related to the stress involves three major stages: Alarm Phase, Phase resistance and exhaustion. Work stress is one of the most serious health problems currently affecting us in general, because it hurts workers to cause them physical or mental disability in the development of their work activities. This can be interpreted as animbalance created between professional demands and the person's ability to carry them out, which may come to affect worker health. Not all workers react the same way, so you can say that if the requirement presented in the paper is appropriate to the skills, knowledge and health status of a particular employee, the stress will tend to decrease and may be encouraging signs , allowing you to make...