El viaje de mi vida

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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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The trip of my life

We had arrived to the island. It is big, full of trees and rivers. I had never seen so many rivers in one place. It is beautiful; we only heard the water and the sound of the trees moving because of the wind. It has a little cave where we are going to pass the night, to protect us from the sea, the water of the rivers, and the animals. I will sleep beside the door of thecave to protect the other six pirates from what can happen.

It is getting late. Its time for us to go to sleep, so tomorrow in the morning we will continue searching for the buried treasure.

Where am I? The pirates are not in here and this cave is not where we went to sleep. This cave is dark and has a lot of holes in the walls. My stuff has disappeared and the map is in it, I will go to lookfor the pirates or my stuff to find the map.

No, I can’t escape from here, I am tied up! I am all confused. Who has me in here? The pirates and me, are the only people on this island who are the other people that have me? Maybe they are also looking for the treasure, I have to escape and tell the pirates that there are other people on this island.

I can’t escape, they tied me very well.
Ican hear voices and steps outside the cave. Maybe I can talk with these people and convince them to let me go. Here they come. I have to ask them what they are doing here.

They are a group of explorers and their boat sank near this island, so they have been living here since for one month. The captain’s daughter is pretty and very intelligent, but her father is angry with life so I am afraid ofhim. I haven’t met the other twelve explorers, but they don’t seem friendly.

After talking hours with the captain, he let me go. He untied me, and I went running where I thought my mates were. After two hours of looking for them, I finally found them. They were very worried, but I explained to them what had happened and they understood me. We had to make a plan to fight the explorers beforethey found the treasure.

Our plan had to be very intelligent, because they are more than us. They are fourteen and we are seven. It will be a difficult fight, but we have to win.

The first thing we had to do is to surprise them, to fight with them when they are in their party. We are going to take the captain’s daughter and then find a good spot where to hide her. If everything goes as weplanned it, we will find the treasure with their help.

The day has arrived, it is almost nine o’clock. It is time to attack. “When the captain comes out from his cave, we will take his daughter and run away.” I told my pirates. So we did it. Only one thing went wrong, one of my pirates got shot and almost die. But now he is getting better, and he is a hero for us. We hid Sandra, the captain’sdaughter, in a cave that was very close where we sleep.

Sandra is a beautiful woman; she has blond hair, blue eyes and a nice smile. I had talked with her and she seems a nice person. She is scared, but I had tried to calm her down. I told her that she won’t be hurt, but that her father has to do whatever we tell him. She got relax, and started to trust on me.

A week passed, and we sent herfather a message, “You want to see your daughter again, you have to leave your map of the island beside the cave where I was kidnapped, and give us one of your explorers to help us find the treasure.”

After we sent the message, we received their response in which they accepted to give us the map. At three o’clock, one of my pirates went where we were supposed to meet and took the map with a messagethey sent. It was a trap; they would never give us the original map. I told Sandra what happened, and she was sad, she couldn’t believe that her father wouldn’t rescue her.

Time passed and I started to have feelings for her? But this was a problem, because she was my enemy. She was a nice person, she believed in me, and in my dreams of finding the buried treasure.

We couldn’t communicate...