El viejo y el mar

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1) Characters
Santiago, manolin, martin, Rogelio, perico, marlin, mako, shovel-nosed sharks, pedrico, tourist.
2) Santiago: protagonist
Marlin: antagonist
Manolin: minor character
Rogelio: static character
Perico: static character
Mako: static character
Shovel-nosed sharks: minor character
Pedrico: static character
Tourist: static character


Santiago, “theold man”: Was a very poor fisherman, thin and a horrible aspect. With wrinkles on the back side of the neck. With sun spot on skin and scars on his hand. But bright-eyed and undefeated, and still powerful shoulders. Santiago is a widower and lonely.

Manolin, "The Boy”: Apprentice of the old Santiago, until his parents forced him to leave for their own because they said the old man was verysalty. (Bad luck).

Marlin: An eighteen-foot bluish billfish and a catch of legendary proportions
Rogelio: A man at the bodega who gives Santiago newspapers to read.
Mako: A mackerel shark that is a voracious and frightening killer known for its rows of large, sharp teeth.
Shovel-nosed sharks: The scavenger sharks that destroy the marlin.
Pedrico: A fisherman in the village who looks afterSantiago's skiff and gear and receives the marlin's head to use in fish traps.
Tourists: A man and woman at the Terrace who see the marlin's skeleton and, misunderstanding a waiter's explanation of what happened; think the skeleton is that of a shark.


Santiago: A very humble man, a lot of experience and confidence in himself. Brave and persistent, is a man who does not give upeasily and he believes in his abilities.

Shark: ate everything in their way, hungry and defiant.

Manolin: very friendly, supportive and loving.


Some values that can be drawn from the literary work "The Old Man and the Sea" are:

Honesty, solidarity, honesty, duty, justice and charity.

Orientation: The Old Man andthe Sea tells the story of Santiago, an aging Cuban fisherman, who alone in his small boat faces the most difficult fight of his life against an enormous marlin. At the beginning of the short novel, Santiago has lost his fisherman's luck; he has gone eighty-four days without catching a marketable fish. Even his closest friend, a village boy he taught to fish, has left him to work on another boat.The local fishermen make fun of Santiago or feel sorry for him, but he himself remains hopeful and undefeated. Every day he rises early, prepares his skiff, and rows far out into the Gulf Stream in search of marlin.
Though ordered by his parents to work on a luckier boat, the boy still loves Santiago, and he visits the old man's simple shack when he can. Once married, Santiago now lives alone inincreasing poverty. He has little to eat, and frequently must rely on the boy or others in the village to bring him food and clothing. As they share their meals, Santiago and the boy discuss baseball and the important players of the period, especially "the great DiMaggio." The old man tells of his early life working on ships that sailed to Africa. When he sleeps, Santiago dreams of being youngagain and seeing "lions on the beaches in the evening."
Complication: Early one morning the old man rises, shares coffee with the boy, and sets out for the far reaches of the fishing grounds. He passes all the other fishermen, who stop to work "the great well," the point where the ocean drops off suddenly to seven hundred fathoms. He watches for flying fish or other signs of bait that might signalthe presence of larger fish. Soon he catches a small albacore and, using it for bait, quickly hooks something very large. Though he pulls as hard as he can on the line, Santiago cannot move the great weight on the other end. The big fish refuses to surface and begins to swim out to sea, towing the skiff behind it. Santiago struggles to hold onto the fish. Without the boy to help him, he knows that...
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