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FlowX3 F3.00 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor


The simple and reliable paddlewheel flow sensor type F3.00 is designed for use with every kind of solid-free liquids. The sensor can measure flow from 0.15 m/s (0.5 ft/s) producing a frequency output signal highly repeatable. A rugged construction and a proven technology guarantee exceptionalperformances with little or no maintenance required. A specially designed family of fittings ensures an easy and quick installation into all pipe materials in sizes from DN15 to DN600 (0.5" to 24").
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04-8410705 ‫טל. 4070148-40, פקס‬Main Features

CPVC, PVDF or Stainless Steel sensor body. n Easy insertion system. n Different versions for remote and compact installations. n Measurement range over 50:1.

High chemical resistance. n Battery powered version. n 4-20 mA output. n MIN alarm relay output.


Water treatment and regeneration. n Industrial wastewater treatment and recovery. n Textilefinishing. n Water distribution. n Processing and manufacturing industry. n Filtration systems.

Chemical production. n Liquid delivery systems. n Cooling water monitoring. n Heat Exchangers. n Swimming pools. n Pump protection.

Technical Features
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Sensor for compact installation (F3.01) with field-mount transmitter (sold separately)

Sensor for remoteinstallation in IP68 configuration

Sensor for remote installation in IP65 configuration

Paddlewheel system

1) Electrical cable: 8 m. (26.4 ft) standard 2) 4 pole cable plug according to DIN 43650-B/ISO 6952 3) PVC cap for installation into fittings 4) O-Ring seals available in EPDM or FPM

5) CPVC, PVDF or Stainless Steel sensor body 6) ECTFE (Halar®) Open-cell rotor 7) Ceramic shaft 8)Ceramic bearings
Halar® is a registered trademark of Ausimont-Solvay.



Operating principle
The flow sensor consists of a transducer and a five-blade open cell paddlewheel using insertion technology. The paddlewheel is equipped with a permanent magnet integrated into each blade. As the magnet passes close to the transducer a pulse is generated. When liquid flows into thepipe, the paddlewheel is set in rotation producing a square wave output signal. The frequency is proportional to the flow velocity. The sensor is installed into the pipe using a wide range of insertion type fittings supplied by the flow sensor manufacturer. In the versions with 4-20 mA or MIN alarm output, an additional IP65 housing is plugged onto the sensor. Output signals are available on aterminal strip inside via a PG11 cable gland. n The sensor F3.30 with 4-20 mA output and the sensor F3.15 with MIN alarm output require a power supply from 12 to 24 VDC. n The nominal measuring range is from 0.15 to 8 m/s (0.5 to 25 ft/s).

Engineering Data

The flow sensor is available with Hall effect transducer (standard) and Coil effect transducer (battery operated). n The Hall sensoroperates with a power supply from 5 to 24 VDC @ < 30 mA. n The Coil sensor operates with a power supply from 3 to 5 VDC @ < 10 mA. n The standard output is a square wave with a frequency of 45 Hz per m/s (13.7 Hz per ft/s) nominal. n The output signal is provided directly via electric cable or via a cable plug according to DIN 43650-B/ISO 6952. Supplied cable is standard 8 m (26.4 ft) long, with amaximum length of 300 m (990 ft) for Hall sensor and 16 m (52.8 ft) for Coil sensor

Connections to FlowX3 Instruments

Flow X3 Sensors

Flow X3 Instruments

F9.00 F3.00.H F3.00.C F3.01.H F3.01.C F3.15.H* F3.30.H*





* with Output Kit mounted.


F3.00 IP68 Remote Sensor

F3.00 IP65 Remote Sensor

F3.01 Compact Sensor

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