Electromagnetic pollution

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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2010
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A. D. Viteri, ESPE Student

Electromagnetic Pollution (September 22nd 2005)
Summary— Technology has become to be part of our wide world, however, we have paid a high cost using all kind of devices, our health and environment has been endangered with the presence of this silence enemy that can damage more than other kind of pandemics disease and we haven’t realized yet.

Key words—breast cancer, ELF (Extreme Low frequency), radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, VDT (Video Display Terminal), Nanotesla, wireless, human diseases.


lectromagnetic radiation produced by man has become to be more dangerous than natural sources because could be ten times stronger than natural events like natural and cosmic actions, that are located in extremelylow frequency spectrum (ELF). Since 1982 scientists have monitored power lines, hydro stations, radar stations, and it has contributed with high grade to pollution that we keep until now. This has had tremendous effects of all people around the world increasing collateral effects like: cancer, birth defects, immunity to diseases and new sicknesses, all this has been fault of constantly exposure toelectromagnetic fields.

The United States Navy published an article in 1984 telling about how harmful could be electromagnetic frequencies because it alter organs, organisms, cells, immune process, modified human brain waves, etc. That research had been done both animals and humans, they concluded that voltages higher than 10.000 per meter can penetrate skin and have biological effects onliving cells. When this article was published, many electrical companies were worried, but governments and electrical companies haven’t taken decisions about this silence killer.


It considers all kind of energy travelling like waves taking different lengths, that waves are divided into two parts: ionizing portion and non-ionizing portion, thefirst one represents the radioactive part, and the second one represents the visible spectrum, like at the beginning of this document, at the lowest end of the wavelengths are the extremely low frequency waves that include power lines.

The World Health Organization has classified extremely low frequencies as an environmental problem in the same line as mercury and cadmium poisoning.

Theelectromagnetic spectrum is located in ranges as 1 – 1000 Hz, 1 – 200 KHz and include all kind of Extra low, very low radio, micro waves, infrared, X-rays, gamma rays, light violet, soft hard power lines, radio radar, sun rays, VDT TV, VDT micro wave ovens, VDT TV fall out.


A. Power Lines

Normally, power lines can transport around750.000 – 1’500.000 volts, these are very dangerous because they are constantly losing energy, and this energy affects to all environment even if someone lives long distance from it.
Even if someone is at the short time of exposure (for instance, when the lines are repaired), it’s dangerous too. The explanation in because human body and animals are like an antenna that absorb strong fields likepower lines or video displays.

B. Satellite Dishes

Power lines using satellite dishes like an amplifier, when the satellite dish points a power transmission line, the frequencies will travel above or under the plate, in transmissions like microwave way news this radiation can be harmful for all kind of people or animals which receive the transmission.

C. Cellular mobile phones

Theexponential growing of wireless communication has brought cellular phones at the head of this classification, because in few years has been accessible for almost all humans at the less a cellular phone. Without know how dangerous could be this devices, because mobile phones can amplify surrounding fields. The exposure of radiofrequency fields are one thousand higher than their base stations....
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