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The picture of Dorian gray
The picture of Dorian grayThe personality of Dorian Gray in the book is changing significantly since the beginning of this book was very shy and a little guilty because he was young, in this part of hislife he didn`t have any feelings of angeror and hatred. He started in the book like a very good person as not to hurt anyone, and had a greatability to charm and fascinates all who know him.

But much to go and join with his best friend Lord Henry in the book because they was presents to basil, Dorian begins to take ill-feelings and his personality begins tochange rapidly.

Being both change at the end of the novel ends up being a vile person, to any person in London who want to have to maintain a good reputation, a character who only passed onto his friends is his need for pleasure and beauty, Both inside and out was he could see his hatred and bad feelings with all that is in contact and always wanting only itsbeauty and benefit.

The end of the book:
As we all know Dorian got old but not pass it or nothing for their actions and that all this had an impact on the picture and the picture wasso ugly and damaged as much as it looked and felt like when someone looks .
Desperate decided that stabbing Dorian Gray's portrait and regretted many things since have said thesentence when his friend finished the picture as all the things he had done to be vain and bad person.

Then when the Servants enter to the room where the picture was, in the picture they sawDorian Gray stabbed was so handsome and beautiful as always, but in front of was a dead man was a crumpled stabbings also in bad shape that even hard to believe that it...
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