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Wireless Settings Help
Note: The operating distance or range of your wireless connection varies significantly based on the physical placement of the router. For best results, place your router.• Near the center of the area in which your wireless stations will operate.
• In an elevated location such as a high shelf.
• Away from the potential sources of interference, such as PCs,microwaves, and cordless phones.
• With the Antenna in the upright position.
• Away from large metal surfaces.
Note: Failure to follow these guidelines can result in significant performancedegradation or inability to wirelessly connect to the router.
SSID - Enter a value of up to 32 characters. The same Name (SSID) must be assigned to all wireless devices in your network. The defaultSSID is TP-LINK, but it is strongly recommended that you change your networks name (SSID) to a different value. This value is case-sensitive. For example, MYSSID is NOT the same as MySsid.
Region -Select your region from the pull-down list. This field specifies the region where the wireless function of the router can be used. It may be illegal to use the wireless function of the router in aregion other than one of those specified in this field. If your country or region is not listed, please contact your local government agency for assistance.
Channel - This field determines which operatingfrequency will be used. It is not necessary to change the wireless channel unless you notice interference problems with another nearby access point.
Mode - Select the desired wireless mode. Theoptions are:
• 54Mbps (802.11g) - Both 802.11g and 802.11b wireless stations can connect to the router.
• 11Mbps (802.11b) - Only 802.11b wireless stations can connect to the router.
Note: Thedefault is "54Mbps (802.11g)", which allows both 802.11g and 802.11b wireless stations to connect to the router.
Enable Wireless Router Radio - The wireless radio of the router can be enabled or...
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