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3th grade
NAME:_____________________________________________GROUP: _____________
DATE:______________________________________________________LIST No_____NOUNS

I. - Use red color to underline the nouns on the following sentences:


My cousin has a son who studies English.

1. - Mexico is a big country.

2. - My school is nice andclean, it has many students.

3. - Hector is a good boy; everybody in the neighborhood loves him.

4. – The black dog is bad, but Nicky the white dog is nice.

5. – The flowers are always bluein my garden.


II. - Chose the correct answer for each item.


This room these rooms

1. – This cake ______cakes

2. - ________game those games

3.-________box those boxes

4.-that dish _______dishes

5. –that story _______stories


Lion I have you now, Rabbit! I am going to eat you for dinner!

RabbitI am too small. You need a big animal to eat.

Lion Yes. But you are just the right size for a snack.

Rabbit Who are you to go around eating rabbits?

Lion I am king of this forest!Rabbit Look at the lion in the well. He says he is king!

Narrator Lion looks into the well. He sees a lion in the water.

Rabbit Ha! Ha! He thinks his own reflection is another lion!

NarratorLion roars at his own reflection in the water in the well.

Lion You are a fake! I AM KING OF THIS FOREST!

Narrator But a strange voice comes back out of the well.

Rabbit Hee! Hee! It isthis silly king’s own voice. It is an echo.

Read the following statement and answer them.


I have you now! Rabbit! I am going to eat you for dinner!

Q. Who is going to eat therabbit?

A. The lion is going to eat the rabbit.

1. - Who says I am too small. You need a big animal to eat?



2. – Who says...
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