Elements of a short story

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Elements of a shot story

1. What is a story?
*A story is a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer orreader; tale.

2. Why is it important to read and analyze first the title of the story, before reading the story? Examples:
* Because the title is the door to the book, is important because itattract the reader's attention and gives and idea of the content of the book.

3. What are character traits?
*The autor create imaginary peolple who appear to be real for the reader.Characters are convincing if they are: consistent, motivated, and life-like.

4.What is a Setting?
*The setting tells the reader where and when the story takes places.

5. What is the Point ofView of a story?
*The point of view is the position of the narrator of the story and what the writer sees from thay vantage point.

6. What is theme? Explain
*The theme is the main ideas. The"message" the writer intends to communicateby telling the story. It is the author's underlying meaning or main idea that he is trying to convey. The theme may be the author's thoughts about atopic or view of human nature. The title of the short story usually points to what the writer is saying and he may use various figures of speech to emphasize his theme, such as: symbol, allusion,simile, metaphor, hyperbole, or irony.

7. What is plot? Explain
*The plot is a series of events through wich the writer reveals what is happening, to whom, and why. Is how the authorarranges events to develop his basic idea; It is the sequence of events in the story. The plot is a planned, logical series of events having a beginning, middle, and end. The short story usually hasone plot so it can be read in one sitting.

8. What is conflict?
*The conflic is a problem in the story thats needs to be resolved.

9. Write another word that describes conflict.
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