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1.i look at the pictures below. talk about a healthy diet using the information in the food pyramid. Miro las fotos de abajo. hablar de una dieta saludable con la información en la pirámide dealimentos.

It helps us to choose healthy food. You need to eat a lot of the food at the bottom of the chart and only a little of the food at the top.
you need to eat a lot of cerealslike rice, corn and bread every day. You also need a lot of vegetables like lettuce and carrots. Fruit- like pineapples, papayas and oranges- is also important. Every day you need to eat some proteinand milk. It helps you to grow. there is protein in meat, fish, chesse, eggs and beans. there is milk in chesse, too. the food at the top of the chart has a lot fat or sugar. you do not need much fator sugar.
try to use the food pyramid every day. it can help yuo to eat healthily.

2. talk about your last holiday. use the answers to the questions below. hablar acerca de sus últimas vacaciones.Utilice las respuestas a las preguntas siguientes.
¿Adónde fuiste? where did you go?
the beaches of the sun road

¿con quien te fuiste? who did you go with?

with friends

¿como hizo ud parair?how did you go?

I went by bus
¿A qué hora te fuiste? what time did you leave?
at half past twelve

¿A qué hora llega al lugar? what time did you arrive to the place?

to two p.m.

¿queactividades hicieron cuando llegaron allí? which activities you do when you arrived there?

go eat ceviche and then go to the hotel to rest and then go to sea for a swim

¿A qué hora vuelve a casa?what time did you return home?

after three days to half past twelve

3.Piensa en tu mejor amigo. Describa su personalidad y su apariencia. Dígale a su maestro por qué él o ella es su mejoramigo. think of your best friend. Describe his/her personality and his/her appearance. Tell your teacher why he or she is your best friend.
keila my best friend is she is looking very good
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