Elvis presley

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I going to write about Elvis Presley because he is like an idol for me he was such a good person and he was really passionate in music and his songs gonna lasts forever.
Born in 1935,Mississippi, Elvis was a survivor twin, because his twin brother dies as a baby so Elvis became an only child in three members family in his house were his father, his mother and he, that is why hewas so near of his mother.
His father worked in a paint company and his mother in a hospital as a nurse, when they move on to Memphis city the music take relevance into his life because when he wasthirteen he began listening blues.
After getting graduate he started to work as a driver for a electricity company, but one Saturday of july, in 1953 he decided to go to the modest disco sun company,to make a private recording of the song “my happiness” that he wanted to give to his mom in her anniversary.
A year later he get back to disco sun company to make another private disc and that whenSam Phillips discover him.
Elvis work for RCA from new york for first time in 1956 with the song “blue suede shoes” but that was only beginning of Elvis career because in that year his song“heartbreak hotel” made him a billionaire and that was not only for the great song it was because he was really creative and he was charismatic too so Elvis got the attention of a movies company with all histalent and this one choose him for “the Reno brothers” later this movie take the name of “love me tender” because the song that was in the film.
He was really gifted for his music career he started toget big publicity; people bought everything with Elvis Presley in it, souvenirs like balls, hats, t-shirts, socks, etc.
But at March of 1958 he got into United States of America militaryorganization, and with that leaving his more important edge of singer and innovator.
He was assigned private to the Chaffee force and unfortunately he let them to cut him hair.
In 1958, at the age of...
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