Embarazo a temprana edad

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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Early Pregnancy!
On the last years have been that teenagers haven’t taken enough responsibility for their sexuality. These irresponsibility behaviors are mostly because a lack of maturity that takesthis topic and that is influential among young people under 18 years old. According to statistics, in Colombia between 1990 and 1995, pregnant teenagers increased by 16.1%, that sparked the concernof government and as a result of this is regulated sex education in all educational institutions under 3353 of 1993, however this big problem is very hard to solve because young people don’t realizehow to handle sexuality, then take it as a means of pleasure, having sex to try new things and not because there is love enough. Unfortunately, early pregnancy problems are social, biological and evenpsychological and economic. Social problems start when the teen become pregnant, is a problem because more of girls are attracted to having sex without protection and then have an unwanted pregnancy.Psychological level, the adolescent mother is exposed to the rejection of the father of her baby, she takes it makes determinations as abortion and even take their own lives, their thoughts becomenegative and his family often turns its back and does not have the maturity to cope with their new role, "The Mother". In regard to biological problems the mother, fetus and then baby are at higher riskof dying, can also contract diseases such as urinary tract infections, anemia, hypertension, nutritional abnormalities, prematurity, obstructed labor, increased rate of caesarean section and low birthweight and so on. On the economic front many mothers have to bring their children to family welfare, they are not able to keep them, give them the things they need so that they live in a dignifiedway, even some choose to sell to meet these needs or to have a better future, people next layer or higher. Of course, we must not put all the blame to the adolescents who become pregnant, because often...
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