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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2011
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“Why do people emigrate to the United States of America?”
The idea of the United States of America as a land of plenty and prosperity where opportunities and equality seem withineverybody's reach , first fed by colonialism and later by the ethos of the American Dream, is the most relevant general reason that made of this country a delicious hook for immigration. USA has been builtby immigration; since its foundation, European immigration –and also the forced African immigration- were predominant. From that moment on, Asian and South American immigration increased theirpercentages considerably.
The concept of USA as a factory of dreams and projects is universal, and nowadays there are so many huge ethnic groups in America that coexist. So we have the preconceived idea ofAmerica as an idealized purpose and source of opportunities as the core of the attraction of immigrants, but it is important to emphasize in individual reasons, because every ethnic group hasdifferent reasons that led them to immigrate forward America, and inside the ethnic groups there are –not less important-personal reasons.
The economical reason is what appears immediately when we think inimmigration. But if we go deeper we can divide the American immigration by more concrete causes. South American immigration has actually the mayor percentage, it is obviously that there exists aneconomical background but there are other influencing factors, as the proximity of the countries –immigration is a global phenomenon, and people use to move the nearest as it is possible unless they havea concrete idea in mind or an extreme situation-. Immigration is not a phenomenon provoked just by extreme needs, but also by personal aspirations and fulfillment of projects.
Asian and some Muslimcountries are also an important number of immigration, where economical situation is sometimes outshined by political reasons, -and even religious reasons-, because of the oppression.
So we could...
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