Emotional bounding in marketing

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What is meant by emotional bonding? Discuss how this concept can be used in developing and advertising campaign for a brand.

Emotional Bounding can be defined as the behavior feel among thoseconsumers who consider themselves identify and attach with specific products or brands. Also, this is to measure or assess what consumers feel with the advertisement. According to Macann Erikson Thisstate of emotional bounding is created in three different levels depending on the relationship between the consumers and the brand. The first level is called product benefit based on what they thinkcompared with other products. The following level is the personality, and is when the product starts to be part of consumer personality and is always base on cues found in advertisement. This is notalways a positive positions against the product, as a consumer can assign some feeling of negative effect such as aggressive. And the last level is the emotional, where the product becomes oneimportant part to consumers as between them starts to appear an emotional attachment.

This emotional bounding can be used in developing advertisement campaign, as it can be a good strategy to attachemotionally the consumer and product. This is effective as consumers are always looking for the best product, not only in price, package and other factors like this, but also in the benefits or feelingsthat it produces to them. Once a consumer feels that linkage, it is very difficult to change from that brand to another, therefore, they will become not just a ambassador of the brand but also a goodchannel to drive our brand among other people. Therefore, one of the most important reason why the emotional bounding is very important or very advantageous is because consumers are not only goingto purchase it, but they will keep that brand and its message for a long time.

Discuss the use of slice-of-life execution techniques in advertising. For what types of products and services might...
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