Emotional climates

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  • Publicado : 12 de julio de 2010
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1. Introduction: Emotional Climate, Human Security, and Cultures of Peace (Joseph de Rivera and Darío Páez).

2. The EmotionalClimate of Nations and Their Culture of Peace (Joseph de Rivera, Rachael Kurrien, and Nina Olsen)3. The Impact of the Madrid Bombing on Personal Emotions, Emotional Atmosphere and EmotionalClimate (Susan Conejero and Itziar Etxebarria).

4. Emotional Climate in Organizations: Applications in Latin American Prisons (José Ignacio Ruiz).

5. The Social Sharing of Emotion as anInterface Between Individual and Collective Processes in the Construction of Emotional Climates (Bernard Rimé).

6. Social Sharing, Participation in Demonstrations, Emotional Climate, andCoping with Collective Violence after the March 11th Madrid Bombings (Darío Páez, Nekane Basabe, Silvia Ubillos, and José Luis González-Castro).

7. Emotional Climate as EmotionAccessibility: How Countries Prime Emotions (José-Miguel Fernández-Dols, Pilar Carrera, Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza, and Luis Oceja).

8. Human Security in Communities in Costa Rica and the UnitedStates (Caitlin O. Mahoney and Tatiana M. Pinedo)9. Political Violence, Impunity, and Emotional Climate in Maya Communities (M. Brinton Lykes, Carlos Martín Beristain, and Maria Luisa CabreraPérez-Arminan).

10. Collective Rituals, Emotional Climate and Intergroup Perception: Participation in "Gacaca" Tribunals and Assimilation of the Rwandan Genocide (Patrick Kanyangara,Bernard Rimé, Pierre Philippot, and Vincent Yzerbyt).

11. Culture of Peace: Sociostructural Dimensions, Cultural Values, and Emotional Climate (Nekane Basabe and Jose Valencia).

12.Subjective Well-Being and Peace (Ed Diener and William Tov).

13. Collective Emotions in Conflict Situations: Societal Implications (Daniel Bar-Tal, Eran Halperin, and Joseph de Rivera) |
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