Emotional intelligence

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Emotional Intelligence

The book Emotional intelligence talks about several topics but all around emotions what is an emotion? What are for? What kind of emotions are? Why do they exist? That aresome questions that Daniel G. makes in the introduction of the book, the books follows the next strategy for making us understand everything first it tells a quote or a story or sometimes both, so wecan reflect on them, he says that if we teach to our kids emotional intelligence it could make our lives really different, well let’s go back to the first question what is an emotion? The author givesus several definitions and I get to the conclusion that an emotion is “any state of mind or disorder, feeling, passion”.
There are different kinds of emotions like
* Rage: and theirs differentexamples like anger, hostility, and unfriendliness.
* Sadness: sorrow, melancholy, loneliness, desperation.
* Fear: anxiety, nervousness, dread, phobia, dismay.
* Pleasure: happiness, joy,relieve, soothe, pride, exciting, ecstasy.
* Love: congeniality, friendliness, trust, banquet, worship.
* Surprise: concussion, astonish, disconcert.
* Displease: scorn, despise, disdain.* Embarrassment: guilt, trouble, remorse, mortification.
That are some of them and in the book Daniel Goleman makes an explanation of every single one giving examples and stories and telling uswhy our body make that reactions all is because our brain have several reactions and that we expressed it different, and also why sometimes our reactions of fear can lead to something disastrous Danieltell us the next story one day that a married couple returns to their house after going out to drink, they thought that their daughter of 3 years was out but they didn’t remember that she was there,they began to hear noises and she wanted to scared them and said boo, the father remembered he had a gun so he shot to his daughter and kill her, he didn’t want that he didn’t planed that way but...
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