Empezando un negocio en artes escenicas

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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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Starting A Performing Arts Company Business
New Performing Arts Company Business owners often have the same concerns as new parents.
• Will I be successful?
• Who has done this before and canadvise me?
• Where will I get the financing? What help is available, and how much will it cost?
All those concerns seem to hit at once.
Most of those who succeed in starting a Performing Arts CompanyBusiness have planned for every phase of their success. Thomas Edison said, "Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration."
That same philosophy also applies to success in anyPerforming Arts Company Business.
To enhance your chances for success, first generate a little bit of that perspiration to eliminate the most common mistakes new business owners make. According to theexperts, most novices should spend a great deal of time researching their potential businesses and the marketplace.
Before starting a Performing Arts Company Business Plan you must be able to answer thesebasic questions
• What niche or void will my business fill?
• What services or products will I sell in my Performing Arts Company Business?
• Is my idea practical, and will it fill a need?
• Who ismy competition?
What is my business’s advantage over existing Performing Arts Company Businesses?
• Can I deliver a better quality service?
• Can I create a demand for my business?
And once youhave answered these then consider:
• What skills and experience do I bring to the Performing Arts Company Business?
• What will be my legal structure?
• How will my company’s business records bemaintained?
• What insurance coverage will I need?
• What equipment or supplies will I need?
• How will I compensate myself?
• What are my resources?
• What financing will I need?
• How will I payit back?
• Where will my business be located?
• What will I name my business?
Research Resources
Some questions you will be able to answer on your own. Others will require careful research....
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