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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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my plans for the future

The first thing I do is work out of school and pass all my subjects to stay in school choice and hechose to study what I want, then focus on my studies and try create a future in which going to be a successful man in what I like, Igo to the top to be trained on what I want but also because I love to meet new people with whom I can socialize and make newfriends who always are there to support me. Well my plans for the future you could say that meeting new people, physical and mentalcare, caring for my family, based on what they want and continue studying to be trained in the near future.

a wonderfulexperience

I think a fantastic experience and the best that have happened in my life I think it was when I met for the first time theocean was mazatlan quad went and found a really cool place, so many things to do there in rich breakfast in the morning with yourfamily in the afternoon and go to the beach at night and go out to visit the center to have fun and meet new people or the malecon.In short the first time I went to mazatlan me a great time, I had fun and I loved being there. Something that amazed me wassitting on the beach watching the sunset will never forget it. Anyway I would love to repeat that experience and hopefully soon will.
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