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Gazprom is the largest extractor of natural gas in the world and the largest Russian company. It's a gas company founded in 1989 currently controlled by the Russian state. It has 415,000employees and annual sales of $ 31,000 million (2004). The market value of the company, 270 billion (May 2006), making it the third largest corporation in the world. Controls 15% of world gas reservesand a considerable amount of oil.
Most of the production fields of Gazprom are around the Gulf of Obi, in Yamal-Nenets, Western Siberia, andisexpectedtorepresenttheYamalPeninsulatothecompany'smainproductionregion in the future. Gazprom has the largest gas transmission system in the world, with 158,200 kilometers of gas lines.

Mitsubishi is one of the largest companies in Japan. Itwas founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki, son of a samurai family. Initially was devoted to maritime transport. Steam boats making up its fleet carried a banner that showed three hishi triangular orwater chestnuts. This led to the brand and the name of Mitsubishi, which means "three diamonds". In the late nineteenth century, the company (which alone generates half of shipping Japanese) initiated adiversification process would end with the creation of three entities:
* Mitsubishi Bank, bank founded in 1919. After merging in 1996 with the Bank of Tokyo, the group has become the first bank inJapan.
* Mitsubishi Corporation, founded in 1893, serves the internal financing group.
* Mitsubishi Heavy Industries encompasses the Group's industrial activities. It is further divided in to:* Mitsubishi Motors is the Japanese carmaker 4th.
* Mitsubishi Atomic Industry, dedicated to nuclear energy.
* Mitsubishi Chemical, which is the largest chemical company in Japan.
TodayMitsubishi Corporation is Japan's largest company with over 200 bases of operations with a presence in over 80 countries and employs over 54,000 people worldwide.

Founded in Milan in...
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