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A FEW HOURS LATER, HUCK CAME TO A PLACE CALLED JACKSON´S Islam. It was full of trees and nobody lived on it. He decided to stay there. The next day, Huck saw a steamboat coming so he hidand watched it. There were many people on the boat the widow, Tom Sawyer and others he knew, even Pap. He heard them talking about Huck Finn’s murder. They were looking for his body in the river. Hucksmiled. `My trick was perfect, ´ he thought.
Two days passed. Huck fished and hunted with Pap´s gun. But then he started to get bored, so he decided to explore the island .At first he saw nothingbut birds and a snake. He started following the snake and suddenly he tripped over a man who lay fast asleep on the ground! The boy turned to run, but the man sat up and Huck saw his face.”Jim!” hecried out.
Immediately, Jim fell to his Knees in front of Huck. “Please don’t hurt me!” he said terrified. “I would never harm a ghost. Just go back into the river where you belong!”
Hucklaughed. “But I’m not a ghost!”He said and explained his trick to Jim. Jim was very impressed by the fake murder. Now Huck was perfectly happy – he had a friend with him. But why was Jim on Jackson´sIsland?.
Jim looked worried.”I´m not sure if I should tell you.” he said.A while later he spoke again.”Huck,I ran off!” he said.
“Jim!” cried Huck. He was shocked. It was a crime for aslave to run away from his owner.”But I won´t tell on you,” he added.”People can call me a slave- stealer, but I don´t care. I’m not going back to the widow´s anyway.”
Then Jim told Huck hisstory.”One day, I heard the widow talking to a man. He wanted to buy me, so the sane evening I ran away,” said Jim.”I decided to go to the Free states in the North. There I can work and earn enough moneyto buy my family out of slavery. I slipped away one evening when the window was open and nobody else was in the house. When I got to the river I didn´t know what to do, but then I saw a raft...
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