En el bosque analisis

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In a grove is a story about the murder of a Samurai named Takehiro.

The story begins with the account of a woodcutter who found a dead man’s body in the woods. The woodcutter says that the mandied of a sword wound in the chest, and that the trampled leaves around the body meant that there was a fight. He tells that he didn’t found weapons, only a piece of rope, a comb and a lot of blood.The next account is told by a traveling Buddhist priest. He says that he saw the man, who was with a woman riding a horse, on the road. The man was carrying a sword, a bow and a black quiver.

Thenext person to testify is a policeman who captured a criminal named Tajomaru. He captured Tajomaru when he found the criminal injured, when he was thrown from a horse, which was the same horse that thewoman was riding. Also, the policeman found that Tajomaru had a bow and a black quiver, which are not Tajomaru’s. Then the policeman says that it had to be Tajomaru the perpetrator of the crime. ButTajomaru was not carrying the dead man’s sword.

The next testimony is from an old woman who is the mother of the missing woman. Her daughter is a beautiful 19-year-old girl named Masago, who wasmarried to Takehiro, a Samurai. The old woman begs the police to find her daughter and claims that it had to be Tajomaru the killer.

Then, Tajomaru confesses. He says that he met the couple in theroad, and when he saw Masago, he decided to rape her. In order to rape Masago unhindered, he separated the couple, luring Takehiro into the woods with the promise of a buried treasure. Then, when farenough from the road, Tajomaru attacked Takehiro and tied him to a tree. Then, he went with Masago, who then found his husband tied to the tree, and immediately she grabbed her dagger and tried to killTajomaru, but he was able to disarm her and then, rape her. Originally, he had no intention of killing the man, but when he was about to leave, Masago stopped him and told him that she couldn’t live...
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