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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Use and Care Instructions for your new

Low Head Micro-hydroelectric Generator

Models: MHG-200LH MHG-500LH MHG-1000LH
Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd., Canada
PowerPal™ Low Head 1

READ THIS FIRST This manual contains important information concerning your new PowerPal low head micro-hydroelectric generator. It covers Models MHG-200LH, MHG-500LH and MHG1000LH. You should read this manualbefore installing PowerPal or allow a trained technician from your local PowerPal Service Center to install it for you. Your PowerPal generator is designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain. If used in accordance with these instructions your PowerPal will give you many years of service. PowerPal is also designed with safety in mind, but any electric device can be dangerous if not usedcorrectly. At several points in this manual, instructions requiring special attention that must be followed are shown as: Warning symbol - beware of hazards or unsafe practices that may cause injury or death. Caution symbol – beware of hazards or unsafe practices that may damage the product. SAFETY FIRST While electricity improves your life, it can also be dangerous if simple precautions are notfollowed: • Never allow electrical contacts to become wet. Beware of electrocution. • Never attempt to cut electrical wires or open appliances for repair if the generator is working. Unplug the main cable first. • Inform children of the dangers of electrocution. Never allow them to play with electrical connections. • Keep fingers away from the moving propeller. If partly blocked with debris, remove thegenerator from the canal before cleaning. • If you have any questions about safety, please ask your PowerPal Service Center. • Product should be earth bonded (grounded). OPERATING CAUTIONS Your PowerPal generator is designed for simple operation and low maintenance. However, the following operating cautions must be followed to ensure a long life for PowerPal: •Under conditions of higher waterflow rates than given for each model in this manual, PowerPal is able to generate higher power outputs than rated. This is a bonus, but only up to a limit. If maximum power consumption listed in this manual is exceeded then the copper coils in PowerPal may be irrepairably damaged and require total rewiring. See the section on ‘Technical Specifications’. PowerPal™ Low Head 2

• Do not forget togrease the bearing at the recommended times. Failure to do this will result in excessive wear on the bearings and shorten their life. Always ensure that the Electronic Load Controller is set at approximately 110 or 220V, depending on your country. Otherwise, the life of lights and appliances may be reduced. •Low frequencies will result if the generator rotor is rotating slower than usual. Lowfrequencies may prevent proper functioning of appliances such as televisions and will harm electric motors. PowerPal is designed to stop working if the rotor speed becomes too low, as the drag on the rotor becomes too great to sustain its rotation. This in-built mechanism is there to avoid problems associated with low frequencies. High frequencies will occur if the rotor is rotating faster than usual.This is due to either a high water flow rate or the use of a small load. It can be corrected by adjusting the flow gate, or by turning on another appliance to increase the load. High frequencies do not normally damage electric motors or affect television picture quality. Light bulbs are not affected by frequency but are affected by voltage. POWERPAL COMPONENTS Inside your PowerPal box you willfind: • 1 x generator-turbine assembly • 1 x electronic load controller • 1 x spare lower bearing • 1 x Guarantee Card • 1 x this instruction manual. Please advise immediately if any parts are missing. Complete your Guarantee Card and have it signed by your PowerPal dealer. The PowerPal system consists of two major components – a hydroelectric generator and an electronic load controller. Other...
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