Energia y contaminacion (ingles)

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energia y contaminación

The American Clean Energy and security Act is a project that intend to reduce the global warming and pollution, save money in energy costs, convert the States in aself-sufficient country in matter of oil, and create new jobs. This plan attempt to use the cap and trade system by setting a limit in the amount of pollutants permitted. Besides, this plan attempt to investin new clean energy technologies and energy efficiency protecting consumers from high prices and future price rises on energy. The most important thing is that you are improving the environmentwhile creating a stronger economy. So, I think that you (senator) should vote “yes” for this program.
First, this law tends to reduce the global warming and pollution by setting limits for greenhousegases. In other words, we will help to preserve and improve the environment (decrease the acid rain, the smog and air pollutants). This program has two clear objectives: one, improve energy efficiency;and second, reduce the global warming. This legislation would launch programs to promote electric cars and to use technology to reduce carbon emissions, economic incentives will be given to thosecompanies that reduce carbon emissions at the lowest cost of the economy (this could reduce the energy use by about 5 percent in 2020 and that will grow to 12 percent in 2030). Besides, this program tendsto invest in different projects to prevent tropical deforestation and in clean energy and energy efficiency (efficiency savings will reduce projected carbon pollution in 2020 by the equivalent oftaking 57 million cars off the road for a year [ACEEE]). Investments will be made to modernize and improve building technology to save energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels as well as compensate thedomestic agricultural and forest resources. In addition, ACES will give financial incentives and allowances to those companies that operate with carbon capture and sequestration technology. This is...
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