Energia y medio ambiente

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BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2011

What’s inside?
1 6 Introduction
1 2 Group chief executive’s introduction 2010 in review

36 Hydroelectricity
36 Consumption

6 8 15 16 18 Reserves Production and consumption Prices Refining Trade movements

38 Renewable energy
38 39 Other renewables consumption Biofuels production

40 Primary energy
4041 Consumption Consumption by fuel

20 Natural gas
20 22 27 28 Reserves Production and consumption Prices Trade movements

44 Appendices
44 44 45 Approximate conversion factors Definitions More information

30 Coal
30 32 Reserves and prices Production and consumption

35 Nuclear energy
35 Consumption

About this Review
For 60 years, the BP Statistical Review of World Energy hasprovided high-quality, objective and globally consistent data on world energy markets. The Review is one of the most widely respected and authoritative publications in the field of energy economics, used for reference by the media, academia, world governments and energy companies. A new edition is published every June.
Methodology The following methodological changes have been made to this year’sReview: • Fuels used as inputs for conversion technologies (gas-to-liquids, coal-to-liquids, and coal-to-gas) are counted as production for the source fuel and the outputs are counted as consumption for the converted fuel. • A new table has been added to the Review for consumption of commercial electricity produced from renewable sources. Electricity from renewable sources is converted to tonnes ofoil equivalent following the same methodology used for nuclear and hydroelectricity, and is included in the primary energy consumption calculation. • A new table has been added for biofuels production. Biofuels consumption continues to be included in oil consumption data (see footnotes to oil consumption table). Find out more online BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2011 is availableonline at www.bp.com/statisticalreview. The website contains all the tables and charts found in the latest printed edition, plus a number of extras, including: • Historical data from 1965 for many sections. • Additional data for natural gas, coal, hydroelectricity, nuclear energy, electricity and renewables. • An energy charting tool, where you can view predetermined reports or chart specific dataaccording to energy type, region and year. • An oil, natural gas and LNG conversion calculator. • PDF versions and PowerPoint slide packs of the charts, maps and graphs, plus an Excel workbook of the historical data. Appendices For approximate conversion factors and definitions see page 44. View or order this Review at bp.com/statisticalreview About BP BP is one of the world’s largest oil and gascompanies, serving millions of customers in more than 90 countries across six continents. Our business segments are Exploration and Production, and Refining and Marketing. Through these business segments, we provide fuel for transportation, retail brands and energy for heat and light. Guide to navigation BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2011 uses the following icons and colour coding tohelp you navigate your way quickly and easily through the document. Icons and colours represent various energy types so you can see, at a glance, which section you are in.

Oil Natural gas Coal Nuclear energy Hydroelectricity Renewable energy Primary energy

Disclaimer The data series for proved oil and gas reserves in BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2011 does not necessarily meet thedefinitions, guidelines and practices used for determining proved reserves at company level, for instance, under UK accounting rules contained in the Statement of Recommended Practice, ‘Accounting for Oil and Gas Exploration, Development, Production and Decommissioning Activities’ (UK SORP) or as published by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, nor does it necessarily represent BP’s view...
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