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Directions: Print these questions and keep them in your binder. Use these questions to think about the novel. Be able to answer allof the questions. The questions on the Summer Reading Evaluation will be based on these topics relating to the assigned novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.1. WHO: who are the main characters and what do they represent? List two physical and two psychological traits for these characters. Why are the charactersimportant to the story? Can you describe them using several adjectives?

2. WHERE and WHEN: what is the setting of the story? When does the story takeplace?

3. WHAT: what is the main conflict in the story?

4. WHY/HOW: what is the main idea? What details support this?

5. POINT OF VIEW: who tells thestory? (first, second, or third person)

6. TONE: what is the author’s attitude toward the subject?

7. MOOD: what feeling or atmosphere is created?8. SYMBOLISM: is there anything that stands for, or represents, something else?

9. HISTORICAL CONTEXT: is there anything special about the time period,place, or culture? How does this have an effect on the character and the story?

10. TITLE: what is its significance? Why did the author choose it?

11.THEME: what are the universal truths/messages of the novel?

12. What is the most memorable passage and why?

13. What is the most thought-provokingquestion the story generates?

14. What makes the story similar to or different from others that you have read?

15. What questions do you have about the book?
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