Engineers and scientist

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Engineers and Scientists

There are people that confuse the difference between an engineers and scientists. Which is quite impressive, considering the fact that there are clear differencesbetween each profession.
You may ask then, what exactly is an engineer, and what would the main difference be then? Well, an engineer is defined as “someone who is trained or professionally engaged ina branch of engineering. Engineers use creativity, technology, and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.”(Wikipedia1) So if you compare that to using the scientific method to do research(Wikipedia2), which is the general definition of a scientist, you can, at first hand, see a clear difference in the work that each professional does. But how can you see the difference in a realsituation? In answering that question I will give a very simple and clear example that I was able to find. The example compares the branch of chemical engineering with pure chemistry, but it can be appliedin a general sense because the basic method and goal of engineers and scientists stays the same in every branch of each field. It quotes:
“The difference between chemical engineering andchemistry can be illustrated by considering the example of producing orange juice. A chemist working in the laboratory investigates and discovers a multitude of pathways to extract the juice of an orange.The simplest mechanism found is to cut the orange in half and squeeze the orange using a manual juicer. A more complicated approach found is to peel and then crush the orange2

and collect the juice. A company then commissions a chemical engineer to design a plant to manufacture several thousand tons of orange juice per year.The chemical engineer investigates all the available methods for making orange juice and evaluates them according to their economic viability. Even though the manual juicing method is simple, it is...
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