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Álvaro Iván Artalejo Professor Lois Hill English 1301 01 October 2011 Discovering myself Throughout my life I have been looking for answers to the questions that are very important tome. These questions are, where do we come from? What is our purpose?. To answer these questions, I have been looking into scientific and religious explanations. This search has been long and tiring. Ofcourse, I have not found any conclusive answer yet. However, one day everything changed, I developed the best idea of my life. I realized that these questions have no demonstrable answer. Therefore,even if I spend all my life looking for answers, I am never going to find them because there is no an absolute truth. This idea does not imply that I will stop looking for answers. Instead, it impliesthat no matter how much I believe in something, and no matter how much effort I put into explain the cosmos, I never going to get a complete explanation but I achieve something very important, Ibegin to now myself. All this implies that when I am looking for answers to questions like where do we come from? What is our purpose?. I am getting knowledge above myself.

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When I studyscience I am not finding the absolute truth unless the truth of the scientists. In the same way, when I study religion I am not finding the absolute truth unless the truth of the religious and so onforever and ever. In my particular way of thinking, when a person says "I found the answers" the truth is that this person does not. This person must says that he/she found answers that satisfieshim/her. In addition, if this person is not aware that he/she does not know The truth unless his/her truth. Then he/she is not aware nor even his/her ignorance. On the other hand, if this person knows thathe/she does not have The truth now this person knows himself. This idea changed my life forever because finally discovered my purpose, be curious, ask questions to myself, investigate until I find...
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