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I – INSTRUCTIONS: Read this dialog, and then join the final consonant with the following vowel. Good luck have fun!

Jurgen: I’ve just had enough! Can’t you see I’m busy? Every night it’s the same…
Tracey: Now,listen … I’ve had a really long day at the office and I really want to see the match. Is that such a terrible thing? I like to watch the footy now and again.
Jurgen: Oh, that’s right? You hardly ever watch a match, do you? No, every night it’s football with you … we never talk any more, do we?
Tracey: So what? I’m tired. This is just my way of relaxing. I mean, tell me … what the hell have youdone all day?
Jurgen: Well, listen, if you’d really like to know … I’ve done the washing, the cooking, the ironing, and I’ve just come back from the shops … you know, that kind of thing … and right now I’m making your dinner – in case you hadn’t noticed … I know you always think it appears by magic…
Tracey: Big deal! I don’t call that real work. I’m just fed up of this – God! … You never haveanything nice to say, do you? You should hear yourself sometimes, you know … it’s so depressing!
Jurgen: Listen, just try and be reasonable, will you, Tracey?
Tracey: I’m the one who has to get up every day and go out to work and earn us a living … to come home tired out just to hear you whinge…
Jurgen: Right, that’s it … If you want to watch the football … you can make your own dinnertonight … I’m going out … Or do you think I don’t have a social life? … Well, let me tell you I also like to go out from time to time…
Tracey: Fine … it’s up to you … What’s the point of you being here if you’re just going to moan anyway?
Jurgen: Well, if that’s how you feel … I know who’ll be on the sofa tonight. I’m off!
Tracey: What a relief!

II – INSTRUCTIONS: Read the following text,find and circle the mistakes.

Good evening, everybody, and welcome to ‘Meet the Stars’. Tonight, we has with us a very special women and something unique to celebrated. Yes, it’s not every day that she gived radio and TV interviews. I’m sure she needed no introduction but just in case, here’s a short career history to got you thinking about who she might be… Like Yoko Ono, this women has becomealmost as famous as his husband. More than the wife of an ex-president, she is now one of the most respected politicians in America.
Born in Illinois, USA, on 26th October, 1947, she spended her childhood in Park Ridge and loves sports. Her parents encouraged her to study hard and pursue any career that interesting her. As an undergraduate at Wellesley College, she mix academic experience withschool government. In 1969, she enters Yale Law School where she met Bill, a fellow student. He often recalls how they met in the library when she come up to him and said, ‘If you’re going to keep staring at me, I might as well introduced myself’. The two were soon inseparable.
She follows her heart to Arkansas, where she and Bill taught together at the Law faculty of the University. his daughter,Chelsea, was born in 1980. She serves as Arkansas’ First Lady for 12 years, working on the national Health Care Reform. As First Ladies of the United States, she wins many admirers for her support of women around the world and her commitment to children’s issues. She was elected United States Senator for New York in 2000. She is the first First Ladies to be elected to the United State Senate andthe first women elected state-wide in New York. She announces his intention to stay for a second term in the Senate in 2004 and were re-elected in 2006 with 67 per cent of the vote. It was onwards and upwards for her as he starts to prepare for the presidential campaign of 2008, stating, ‘I’m in it to win it!’ Having been initially ahead of the other Democratic candidates towards the end of 2007,...
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