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1 Complete with the correct answer, A, B, or C.

1 Olga and Dmitri ____ from Russia.
A is B are C am

2 What ____ the name of the Mexican girl?
A am B are C is

3 This is ____ cell phone.
A an B that C a

4 ____ are my keys.
A That B Those C This

5 Is____ birthday in July?
A you B your C they

6 ____ the Pyramidsin Egypt?
A Those B Is C Are

7 Hi, Alex! ____ are my friends. This is Kristina and this is Monique.
A These B This C They

8 Can he swim? No, ____ .
A can’t he B can’t C he can’t

9 These are my grandparents. Dad is ____ son.
A the B his C their

10 ____ a café near here?
A Is there B There is C Are there

11 Our dance classes are____ five to six o’clock.
Aon B at C from

12 Nadia sits ____ me in English lessons.
A in B next to C at

13 I don’t eat fish ____ bananas.
A from B or C but

14 ____ your homework now!
A Do B Don’t C Does

15 ____ send a text message?
A Can you B You can’t C You can

16 I ____ have guitar lessons on the weekend, but sometimesI have them on Fridays.
A always B am C usually

17 Can they speak English? Yes, ____ .
A they can B they can’t C can they

18 It’s very hot in here. ____ the window!
A Don’t close B Close not C Close

19 The party is ____ half past seven.
Aon B at C in

20 ____ is your sister? Is she twenty?
A How old B When C What

21 ____ is theEnglish lesson? Is it at nine o’clock?
A What B Where C When

22 ____ fish?
A Do you like B You like C Are you like

23 Ella____ long hair.
A ’s B have C has

24 I ____ to the gym every week.
A go B ’m going C going

25 Elena ____ her English book right now.
A reads B ’s reading C doesn’t read

26 I ____ green eyes.
A am B haveC has

27 What’s that? It’s ____ address book.
A a B an C this

28 ____ drive a car.
A Can I B I can C Can’t I

29 Look at the children on the bus. ____ to school?
A Do they go B They’re going C Are they going

30 We’re in the classroom. This is ____ new English book. It’s great!
A their B his C our

_____ / 30 pointsREADING

2a Read the text and complete with a suitable verb, word, or phrase.


My favorite band is a group of boys called Future Four. There 1 ______________ four members: Ritch, Ryan, Pete, and Josh. They 2 ______________ from Michigan, U.S.A. They 3 ______________ all sing, butRyan usually writes their songs.
Ritch is my favorite. He 4 ______________ brown hair and blue eyes. He plays the drums. He has one 5 ______________ and one brother in his family. Ryan, Pete, and Josh play guitars and sing. I 6 ______________ all the Future Four CDs, but my favorite song is called There She Is from the CD Summer to Autumn. Ilisten to it all the time – I’m 7 ______________ to it now!
Their web site is www.futurefour.com and 8 ______________ really cool. The site has some awesome pictures of the boys, but you can do other things, too. You 9 ______________ listen to some of 10 ______________ songs and you can play some great games.

2b Read the text again. ChooseTrue or False.

1 The text is about the writer’s favorite band. True / False

2 There are four boys in the band. True / False

3 The members of Future Four are from Canada. True / False

4 All the members of the band can sing. True / False

5 Ryan writes lots of the songs for Future Four. True / False

6 Ritch plays the guitar. True / False

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