English basic two present continuos conversation

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J: Hi Lizette, This is Juan
L: Oh, Hi Juan, What ´s up?
J: I’m going to Trujillo this weekend, can you lend me your video camera?
L: I´msorry Juan, but ten days ago I lost my video camera in Marc´s concert.
J: Really?. It´s terrible. It was very modern, is it expensive?
L: Well, I don´t know because my father give itto me… I´ve got curiosity, why do you travel to Trujillo?
J: I need to travel to Trujillo because I’ve supervise our dealer in this city for about three days. I also travel toTrujillo by plane. Then I’ve my vacation and I stay in this city for about five days.
For this reason, I need a video camera. I also need to take photos when I visit to Chan Chan,Huanchaco and other places.
L: You can buy a video camera in Ripley. It costs is a thousand soles and it is Panasonic.
J: Good idea Lizette, thanks for this information. I go to Ripleytomorrow in the evening.
J: Lizette, What do you do when you are in vacations? Do you travel in your holiday? Where do you travel?

L: I’m working out very late these days. Thecompany is working hard to improve its image.
I can’t have holiday all week but I must go out anyplace on weekend.
I'm reading a very interesting book about Dr. House at night. He’svery smart and attractive.
J: I am arriving on Saturday. We can call Paola and Luis and we can go together to the disco.
L: It’s great idea. The Next Monday is holiday. Maybe we cantravel to Trujillo and We meet you there.
J: Ok, god idea. I go to the airport when you arrive in Trujillo. Then we can go to the Libertador Hotel. This hotel is in the city centre inthe corner the main square of Trujillo.
What time do you arrive? I need know because if you arrive at about one o’clock in the afternoon, we can go to eat shambar o rice whit duck.
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