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Exercise 1
Complete the following sentences with have, has, haven’t, hasn’t.
a. My card has got two doors, but it hasn’t got a radio.
b. My house hasn’t got a second floor,although it is a big one.
c. Has she got a boyfriend? No, she hasn’t.
d. My daughter has got a new card. She has got a white one.
e. Has he got anything in his desk? No, he hasn’t.

Exercise 2Ask questions for the following answer. Use the word or words in bold for the questions.
a. I have got a new tape recorder. R/ What have you got?
b. He has got four nieces. R/ How Many aniece has he got?
c. She has got three sons. R/ How Many Sons has she got?
d. They have got the flu. R/ Have they got the flu?
e. My nephew has got a new job. R/ What has my nephew got?
f.I have got my ticket downtown. R/ what ticket have you got?
g. I have got my pen at J.C. Market. R/ Where have you got your pen?
h. My grandmother has got a beautiful watch for her birthday.R/ what has your grandmother got?
i. My sister-in-law has got a motorcycle for Christmas. R/ What has your sister in law got?

Exercise 3
Complete the following sentences with information fromfamily tree number one.
Family Tree # 1
Laura Jackson
Laura Jackson
Pat Eanes
Pat Eanes
Donna (Smith) Jackson
Donna (Smith) Jackson
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson
Jennifer Jackson
Dereck Jackson
Dereck Jackson


Dereck Jackson is Pat Eanes’ husband.

a. Pat Eanes is Dereck Jackson’s wife.
b. Jennifer and Laura Jacksonare Eric Jackson’s sisters.
c. Eric Jackson is Donna (Smith) Jackson’s husband.
d. Donna (Smith) Jackson is Eric Jackson’s wife.

Exercise 4
Answer the following questions according tofamily tree # 1.
Questions | Answers |
Who are the parents? | Dereck Jackson and Pat (Eanes) Jackson |
What is Mrs. Jackson’s maiden name? | Donna (Smith) Jackson |
Who are Mr. and Mrs....
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