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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2010
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Name: Alisson Itúrburu A.
Course: 8th
Teacher: Miss Alicia Sorber
Composition: 2
Draft: 3


The Technologyhas been helping us in many different ways and it has become very advanced. A vast majority of people love technology because with it they can do their workand communicate with others faster than before.
Technology is helping us in everyday life because it is with us everywhere. Good examples of technology are theInternet, computers and cell phones, which are used by people all over the world and offer amazing features.
The Internet contains many Web sites where youcan find a lot of information such as news, articles and publications. With the Internet you can meet people around the world and communicate with them, lookfor information and learn more about other countries and their cultures. The Internet gives us amazing benefits for communicating with other people andlearning about the world.
Cell phones are largely used for entertainment; you can take them everywhere because they are small but they are capable of do manythings such as taking pictures, recording videos, chatting with friends, playing games and sending information to other people by Bluetooth. Cell phones are usedby people around the world because they save time. Managers use cell phones to communicate with their colleagues and close contacts with only a call.Technology helps people to do things more easily and quickly than before. Now we have to wait for ten more years and see the new machines that technology gives us.
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