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Grace Cordero

Prospero, in The Tempest, by Shakespeare is a character that has a big role in the play. Not only was he the right Duke of Milan before Antonio, his brother, threw him out, but hehad magical powers that help him throughout the whole play. Prospero controls the whole island where him and his daughter, Miranda are staying after he lost the kingdom of Milan. From there, he carrieda whole tempest against his brother for revenge. Because of the tempest, Antonio and his servants landed with a shipwreck in the same island Prospero was in. Prospero’s ability to control lifearound him allows him to defeat many obstacles that occur to him and his daughter, Miranda, while getting back what belong to himself.
Tis time I should inform thee father. Lend thy hand and pluck mymagic garment from me. (I.2.23)

The play begins with the storm where his brother is part of. Prospero does this with no intention of harming, but more with the intention of teaching his brother to notdisrespect him again. Miranda, his daughter, is afraid of what might happen,
If by your art, my dearest father, you have put the wile waters in this roar, allay them…I have suffered with those thatI suffer! (I.2.1)

Prospero responds,
No more amazement. Tell your piteous heart theres no harm done… I have done nothing but in care of thee, of my dear one, thee my daughter, who art ignorant ofwhat thou art, naught knowing of whence I am; nor I am more better… (I.2.14)
Prospero knew he was in control of everything and that this would cause no more harm then he wanted it to.
Antoniolearns from his mistake, thanks to the huge tempest and asks Prospero for forgiveness. Prospero knew something similar to this would happen and that his power was worth what he thought. Though Prosperohad made this huge disaster, he wasn’t a fool of himself and knew what he was doing. Prospero forgave Antonio and went back to Milan, Italy where he belonged.
We can say that power isn’t only used...
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