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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2011
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Movie report Eduard Cadavid

The story of a black man's struggle forjustice for himself and his family in America today. After Carl Lee's 10-year-old daughter, Tonya is brutally raped he recalls the case of "four white boys who raped a black girl over in Delta lastyear." He asks attorney Jake Brigance, "They got off, didn't they?" Jake nods his head. Determined to see that the two rapists get what's coming to them, Carl Lee takes the law into his own hands andguns them down in cold blood inside the courthouse on the day of their arraignments. Young Jake, struggling to keep his law practice afloat, suddenly finds himself defending Carl Lee against murdercharges a not-so-popular position with some of the locals in Clanton, Mississippi. Ellen Roark, a stellar law student from Ole Miss, offers her services to Jake just for the opportunity to help with thecase and eventually convinces him to take her on. In the meantime, the K.K.K. (at the prompting of a brother of one of the rapists) plants burning crosses on Jake's lawn, attempts to bomb his house, andtakes a shot at him. To ensure their safety, Jake sends his wife and little daughter to Gulfport to stay with his in-laws. Then at the end of the movie with the case almost lost and with a littlechance to take Carl lee from this hook Jake tell the story of Tonya to the jury, all the things she pass true, how her body was damage, how she almost die, and then he said imagine that she was a whitegirl, and then Carl lee was let free.
Racisms is not something new, it appears in the medieval time when Romans thought that white people (arios) where the race that will support Europe and the entireworld in all times, for this ideologies thousands of people die, but is something that was ended in the past. But in this film we see that this thought reborn, and the KKK appear again with many...
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