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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Process of making plastic bottles

I chose to write about process of making PET –plastic bottles, because those are the most eco-friendly and common products in the world this moment. You canrecognize these PET bottles of their universal recycling symbol in many products in the markets, for example, from beverages, soft drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products etc. PET was developed in 1941and it’s made from petroleum hydrocarbons, which comes when terephthalic acide and ethylene glycol reacts. PET making process is called polymerization.

There are many ways to make plasticproducts, for example; Rotational molding (toys, furniture, sporting equipment etc.), injection molding (containers for yogurt and butter), extrusion (plastic films) and blow molding (plastic bottles).Therefore our process of making plastic bottles is the blow molding.

The process of making PET –plastic bottles starts with PET pellets, which are injection molded into thin-walled plastic tubes. Whenthe tubes are cooled and cut, each piece of tube is put into molds shaped as the manufacturer wants. Then a rod is inserted into the tube to blow highly pressurized air, as its purpose is to push PETand the plastic against insides of the mold. Because of the high temperature and pressure the PET molecules are getting more and more polarized, and that’s how the bottle gets its strength and createsthe thickness of the PET. Afterwards the bottom of the bottle is made and attached. In order to finish the product, it has to be cooled quickly, so that the PET is in its place, and not flowing.Then the bottles have to be trimmed and finished. And the packaging may begin. I find this process the best, because the plastics can be re-melted and done again with new PET to make new bottles.Of course there are both negative and positive points of recycling. For example, not all people are too oriented on recycling and prefer just throwing all waste in one garbage can. And when it...
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