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Form of Affirmative Sentences - Part 1
Choose the correct form.
1. We sometimes  books.
2. Emily  to the disco.
3. It often  on Sundays.
4. Pete and his sister  the family car.5. I always  to the bus stop.

Form of Affirmative Sentences - Part 2
Put the verbs into the correct form.
1. I (to like)  lemonade very much.
2. The girls always (to listen)  to pop music.3. Janet never (to wear)  jeans.
4. Mr Smith (to teach)  Spanish and French.
5. You (to do)  your homework after school.

Simple present with 'have' and 'be'
Fill in the correct form ofthe verbs.
1. We (to have)  a nice garden.
2. She (to be)  six years old.
3. Simon (to have)  two rabbits and five goldfish.
4. I (to be)  from Vienna, Austria.
5. They (tobe)  Sandy's parents.

Negative Sentences
Make negative sentences.
1. My father makes breakfast. → 
2. They are eleven. → 
3. She writes a letter. → 
4. I speak Italian. → 
5. Dannyphones his father on Sundays. → 

Make questions.
1. you / to speak / English → 
2. when / he / to go / home → 
3. they / to clean / the bathroom → 
4. where / she / to ride/ her bike → 
5. Billy / to work / in the supermarket → 
I (see)  George last week - he looked very well. 
 Seven people (ring)  while you were out. 
 I (leave)  my mobilephone at home this morning. I had to go back. 
 Dinner was great. We (have)  pasta. 
 I (tear)  my shirt when I fell off my bike. 
 I think you misunderstood me. I (mean)  'bed' not 'bird'! 
 I(hurt)  my leg playing football yesterday. I can't walk very well today. 
 Pedro (teach)  me to speak Spanish in a year. He was a great teacher. 
 I'm sorry that I (forget)  to call you yesterday 
 He(drink)  all the wine last night 
go) 1. Yesterday I  to the movies.  
(make) 2. My sister  a birthday cake for me last week.  
(ride) 3. Steve  his bicycle to school yesterday.  
(drive) 4. My...