English grammar

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NAME: Moisés Murillo COURSE: Sixth “K”Social Sciences
First Conditional
If it rains today, I’llstay at home
If he is busy now, I will come back tomorrow
If I have time, I’ll visit my parents this afternoon
If it is warm tomorrow, we’llgo to the beach
If it is cold, she will wear warm clothes
Second Conditional
If we were in London today, we would be able to go to theconcert in Hyde Park
If I had millions dollars. I would give a lot to charity
If there were no hungry people in this world, it would be a muchbetter place
If everyone had clean water to drink, there would be a lot less disease
If she were happy in her job, she wouldn’t be looking foranother one
Passive Voice
A house is built by Frank
The film is watched by Mr. Jones
The housework is done by her
The children are helped bythe policemen
Text messages are written by him

She must go to the everyday at 9:00 p.m.
I must stop smoking
He must work harderThey must call their mother tomorrow
This form must be completed in duplicate
You look tired, I think you should take a few days offAlice works very long hours. She should to talk to her boss
I should speak to him about it
You should see a doctor
I think they should replacehim
Susan can play tennis very well
They can come on Friday
We can speak five languages
Can you play the guitar?
I can lend you my car
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