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Barranquilla, april 18th 2012

Renee Jameson
Darwin State High School

Dear Sir Jameson:

I would like to apply for the positionof English Teacher at your School which I saw advertised in the newspaper.

I am 38 years old and I live here in Barranquilla. I studied ForeignLanguages with emphasis on English at Santo Tomas University and I am thinking continuing my studies at postgraduate level as soon as I can. I worked for threeyears at a school here in Barranquilla named Idphu as an English teacher with children of the ages you mentioned in the advertisement. I like to doextracurricular activities, besides this motivates students I am also always motivated; I like my work, I like to do it especially with children. I have akeen interest in encourage children to learn English, nowadays this is an important subject in school, because English is the most important language in theworld and one of the most spoken, it is necessary to learn it as a second language of as a foreign language.

I think I would be suitable candidate forthe job because I am enthusiastic, hardworking, I love working with children they are always eager to learn new things, I like to motivate them to workharder to be better.

It would be nice to attend an interview at your convenience and to provide references. I hope you consider my application. Youcan contact me by e-mail or by my telephone number 301 690 20 41 or 379 57 92.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

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