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Universidad Metropolitana
Facultad de Ciencias y Artes
Departamento de Inglés
Inglés III – FGPIN03

Fact vs. Opinion 3

Directions: The paragraphs below contain both facts andopinions. Underline the sentences which contain facts. Circle the sentences which contain opinions. There are some sentences which are neither fact nor opinion. Do not mark these.

Area 51Area 51 is a military facility approximately 90 miles north of Las Vegas. At the center of the site there sits a large air base. Area 51 is also the site of a U.S. Government UFO cover-up. "Thegovernment is hiding the remains of alien spacecraft there," says Sarah Mitchell, a long-time resident from the surrounding area.

Others believe that weapons testing done there is causingtoxic pollution that could harm people near the site. One such person is Mr. Hayakawa, a member of a civilian intelligence group that monitors covert (secret) government operations. "The secrecymust end," he says. "There's nothing extraterrestrial or strange there. It's good old American technology. The government sits back and watches - and sometimes manipulates - these UFO stories to keeppeople from asking about the real activities there."

So does this mean Hayakawa is against the government research and development? No.
"Progress is going to take place, and it's notnecessarily a bad thing. But it has the potential for abuse," he says.

Rumors about what goes on at the base continue. The possibility of aliens draws visitors to the area. There is even abook for visitors seeking information. Written by Glenn
Campbell, it is titled Area 51 Viewers Guide. It is the best and most informative book available on Area 51.

Parts of this text wereexcerpted from a newspaper article titled "Secrets in the Desert" which appeared in
the Torrance Daily Breeze written by Michael Gougis, Staff Writer
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