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John Steinbeck author of “Of Mice and Men” uses language in order to make the imagery and the sense of colours, atmosphere and animal references. He also uses punctuation and pace in order to create a pace and feelings throughout the reading. The to main characters are Lennie and George; Steinbeck shows us throughout language and actions the relationship they have between each other.
Steinbeckuses poetic imagery to describe the “golden foothill slopes” of the Salinas River Valley and also a pool on the banks, “the leaves lie deep and so crisp that a lizard makes a great skittering if he runs among them”. The word golden shows us that are something outstanding like gold, shiny and representing something beautiful. Then he uses animal references in order to give the idea of how the leavesare and how a lizard will move lightly and quickly trough them. The novel starts with some rabbits sit in the sand. From the beginning of the novel Steinbeck uses animal reference and he immediately shows the reader that he refers generally a lot to nature. This is because it begins with a path is the forest leading to the sandy rivers edge.
When the novel is starting it starts with the scenethat there is no people within nature, but then the reading is surprise by the two characters Lennie and George emerging from the woods. The reader describes us the two characters and shows us that they are complete opposite physically. George is describing as being “small and quick, dark of face, with restless ayes and sharp, strong features”. Lennie is described as “a huge man, with large, paleayes, with wide, sloping shoulders, and he walked heavily”. By the description Steinbeck gives us about the two characters it almost imminently gives us the idea that they get well each other or that they do not get well each other. This could be that as they are opposite from each other they do not get bored from each other but it could be the case that they completely collide. Steinbeck shows usthat George is in charge of Lennie, which is totally contractive to out first impression of them, as Lennie is the huge guy and George is the small one. This authority is shown when George orders Lennie to not drink too much from the riverbank and Lennie follows his orders.
As the story follows they are to work at a ranch in Soledad and George makes it clear to Lennie that he will be the onetalking with the boss. Steinbeck makes us again very clearly who has power over each other. Also when George discovers that Lennie has been hiding and keeping a dead mouse in his pocket George gets angry, “I could pet it with my thumb while we walked along”. Lennie as a reaction argues and makes him throw it away. This shows that George have totally power over Lennie as he has thrown some thing thatbelonged to Lennie. Steinbeck shows us that Lennie is just and strange person or he is just lonely as keeping a death animal in his pocket, in this case a mouse.
Steinbeck shows us that Lennie is not happy with what he is doing, this is because of the perseverance Lennie has by trying to retrieve the dead mouse that he threw away. George get angry again with Lennie at this point of the novel,Steinbeck shows us that they collide very often with each others decisions mainly George with the decisions or actions Lennie makes. Then it is clearly made that George contradicts and doesn’t like comments that Lennie makes. This is shown when Lennie said that he likes ketchup with his beans and George gets angry. He then starts to think what will be his life with out Lennie and said, “I got you! Youcan’t keep a job and you lose me ever job I get. Jus keep me shoving all over the country all the time… You do bad things and I got to get you out!” This clearly shows that Lennie has done bad things in the past and that George is concern that he could do bad things at any moment. One thing that is mention that Lennie has made is when he wanted to pet a woman dress. The two had to escape as the...
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