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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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MODERATOR: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today we´ll present an interesting debate about a serious problem in our country “piracy”, you must understand as piracy like illegalcopies of CD’s, DVD’s, books, etc.
The question is: Do you think piracy is a serious crime?

Katty: I think the piracy is not a crime because it’s a way to save money. A lot of people have enoughmoney to have a good life but most people need to do a lot of things to get it. Also other people don’t lose money because when people buy piracy things are because they don’t have enough money to buy anoriginal copy.
Ester: Ok, I see your point but I think the piracy is a serious crime because most people could be successful with a lot of effort. And it is unfair that other people can copy thesethings that they did with hard work.
Jehidy: yes, I agree with you. But the prices of original copies are expensive and everybody can’t afford them.
Renzo: I think it is a crime too because Peoplewho sell pirated products deceive people and they sell poor quality products, and I agree with Ester because the cost of production is rising.
Jehidy: But it’s not only the quality of the productsit’s also the quality of prices and with these prices most of people can’t buy it. So for me it’s not a serious crime because it’s the need for a large part of our city.
Ester: Yeah, but on the otherhand exists a cost of production. And if the companies earn less than they invest, the companies couldn´t produce more things.
MODERATOR: What do you think about the prices? Should it decrease?Katty: It’s clear, if the companies will reduce their cost, we won’t have any problem because most people could get them. We need to think of the people of scarce resources. There are many people in thecountry that don’t have enough money to buy luxury things. So for me it is not an offense because it is a necessity.
Renzo: but, why would they reduce the cost of their things?
Piracy is a crime...
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