English reading comprehension

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Names ____________________________________________________________

___ date: ___________

Man Injured at Burger King
1. REFUSE say no
2. BURN be on fire
3.SCALDING very hot
4. SPILL drop
5. INJURE hurt
6. BRAND name
7. STAIN discolour
8. LAP Knee, part of legs
An 82-year-old grandfather was injured on Saturday while waiting in hisbrand new convertible in a drive-through lane at Burger King Restaurant in Medellin. Arthur Sanders, who came from England to visit South America with his family, suffered a burn about last nightwhen a young female worker accidentally spilled a cup of coffee into his lap. The nice old man said the coffee was hot but not scalding.
He refused medical help, saying the only problem was thestain on his trousers, but it would wash out. He was given a bag of delicious Juan Valdez Colombian coffee. Before he left, the restaurant manager gave him two free gift certificates: one for coffeeand one for the biggest hamburger of the place. But the worker was fired today. She was sad and angry. She said she would probably sue Burger King for firing her. She said it was not her error thatthe man had ordered something easy to spill.
2. How old was the man? _____________________________________
3. What day was it? _________________________________________
4. What was hedoing when he was injured? ____________________________________________________________

5. What did Sherman refuse?
6. What isa “new hire”?
7. Do you think the gift certificates are good, why?
_________________________________________________________8. In your own words, what’s the general idea of the story?

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