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I am not a feminist, but I am amazed at the number of studies that have found women better than men in various skills. Here is a list of several skillswhere women seem to be doing better than men. I don’t care when some people say that men work and women stay at home. I’m going to prove that women have better qualities than men….
I’m probablygoing to be accused of stereotyping men and women here but it’s not my aim.
Firstly, women drive better than men. Once upon a time, a somebody has said that women are bad drivers... But, you know what?University researchers found after analyzing a lot of traffic data in 2007 that men are 77% more likely to die in a car accident than women. So next time when your husband or your boyfriend asks youto hand over the car keys, just remember him this research.
Then, Women remember appearances better than men. Some would say, “Why not?” Don’t women pay all their attention to appearances?” Well, saywhat you may, but only a loser complains about somebody for being better than him. But, it exists a research fellow psychology at Ohio State University, and a researcher found in a study that womenare more accurate in describing appearances after seeing people once. The study was published in the journal personality and social psychology Bulletin.
Third thing, Women cooperate better than men.We can see this everywhere, but still if you want a citation, here it is. A study by Rolf Kuemmerli and other researchers at Edinburgh and Lausanne universities indicated that women cooperate betterthan men. In the research, based on games played by 100 Swiss students, women cooperated with others almost twice as much as men did.
It’s not finished, Women eat better than men.
 This is probablynot so obvious, for rarely do we notice gender differences in eating habits. A survey involving 14000 Americans, conducted by University of Minnesota, revealed that men are more likely to eat frozen...
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