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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2010
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August 9, 2010

Vacation Speech
Holidays, in my opinion a time to get away from school or work and just overall stress, time to think about everything or nothing at all. You do as you wish, foryou are free, and no matter whether you decide to go out hiking or stay home reading a book you’ll find adventure. My own summer vacations were well, excruciating. The most important event thoughdefinitely not the most agreeable was visiting Miami and later on Orlando for the first time. My first encounter with one of Disney’s theme park might be something worth telling. We arrived thankfully, tothe hotel after a tiring crusade in the hectic airport; I was forced to wake up early the next day (which I hate because I am most certainly not a morning person) only to enter an even more hectictheme park. It was hard for me to enjoy it given the fact that large crowds make me nervous hence I was rather jumpy the entire day. I soundly refused to get on any ride augmenting the tedious waitingline, idiotic move if I may add but then again the sun wasn’t letting me think straight at that moment and so it became a little piece of my personal hell. Then there’s the day before the last, apromising would-be best day of all and it was until we lost my mom. Everything was going fine I had finally allowed myself enjoy the thrilling rides and roller coasters. My Dad, Sister, and I were in theline for I-can’t-remember-what mountain while my Mom was supposed to wait with my brother nearby but when we got down she was gone and we happened to posses no way of communicating with her. We wentlooking for them, then it started raining, and we kept on looking. It wasn’t until four and a half hours later (twenty minutes before closing time) that father took pity of us and took us to the car hehowever continued his search. When he returned I was filled with relief as I saw the missing two, the feeling was quickly swept away with anger as I noticed how dry and happy they looked but too...
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