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I Present Simple Read the text and answer the questions.
Full answers. (14pts)

Peter’s Daily Routine

Peter is a HistoryTeacher in a school in Ñuñoa. He lives in Macul in a big house. He lives with his wife and children. They are 6 and 8 years old. His wife works in a hospital, she is a nurse.
Peter wakes up at 6o’clock every day, and then he has a shower and has breakfast. He leaves home at 7.45am every day. He works from 8.30 to 5.30pm.
After that he drives home and has dinner at 8pm.
He goes to sleep at 10pmevery week day.
On weekends he does his favourite hobbies.

1) What does Peter do?

2) Where does he live?____________________________________________

3) Where does his wife work?

4) What time does he wake up?

5) What does he do afterwork?

6) What time does he have dinner?

7) What does he do at 10pm?____________________________________________

II. Present Continuous What are they doing? Create positive sentences using the verb from the box. There is one extra verb. (3pts)

dance – sing - have lunch – drive – write –work – swim

1) ____________________________________________________________

2) ____________________________________________________________


4) ____________________________________________________________

5) ____________________________________________________________



III. Present Simple or Present Continuous
Complete the sentences with present simple or present continuous of the given verbs....
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