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The climate in Italy is varied, from a cold climate in the hills of the Apennines and the Alps, to semitropical on the Ligurian coast.
The average annual temperature ranges wins 11 ° Cto 19 ° C, about 13 ° C in the valley of the Po, 18 ° C in Sicily and 14.5 ° C in the coastal lowlands.
Weather conditions on the peninsula is characterized by regional variations resulting fromdifferences between mountain ranges and the influence of the winds of the seas.
In the lower regions the winters are mild and temperatures are modified by the breezes of the Mediterranean.However, at higher altitudes are cooler temperatures, even in the same latitudes.
In contrast to semi-tropical conditions near the Gulf of Genoa, the climate is continental, with warm summers andsevere winters and high rainfall.

The weather in Italy
In Italy there are significant climatic differences between north and south: the features vary depending on the area in which we findourselves.
  In the north (the area between the Alps and Apennines toscoemilianos), the weather is severe: the winters are very cold and summers very warm with high humidity. In the center, from aboutLiguria and the Rome area, the climate is mild and the temperature difference between summer and winter is less than that given in the north. The cold period is shorter and less intense than in thenorth and the summer is longer, but there is usually no embarrassment that affects the northern cities, thanks to the mitigating effect of the sea, which is almost the entire area. In the southand in the islands, winter is never too hard, and in autumn and spring temperatures are close to those found in summer in other parts of Italy.
Medium temperatures
In Italy, temperatures varygreatly, depending on latitude and the area of ​​the country (north, center and south). Below tables with average monthly temperature and maximum of three cities in Italy, one for each climate zone
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