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  • Publicado : 14 de octubre de 2010
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Historia relatando lo que vivivian los Indios en Estados Unidos durante las guerras entre los indios y el ejercito americano.

The Sioux tribe escaped from their reservation tofind better place where to settle down so they crossed the desert next to the Rockies Mountains and now they were in the north of Montana, a desolate place where was reallydifficult to speak due to the freezing weather but, anyway, the tribe chief was speaking to the whole tribe about a message that he received from the Dakota Tribe:
-I received yesterdaythis message where I’m told that the Dakota are in Montana and want to be our allies against the repression of the white men.
-Thanks for the good news but what about the hungerthat our tribe is going through.
-I was planning to go south to find some buffalos in the prairie. Like that we could hunt them and eat them.
-But don’t forget that the WhiteArmy is following us!
-I know, but probably they stopped looking for us because they think that we are dead due to this freezing winter.
-And what about if they don’t believeso.
-Well, we’ll fight them!
The tribe was applauding his chief, a forty year old man who fought in the Wooden Knee battle.
-And, chief, how are we going to hunt the buffalosif the white hunters are already hunting them to get their fur?
-There is where the Dakotas will play as a joker, they’ll fight the hunters to get the buffalos, but the hunterswon’t go out of the place without saying anything. They’ll go to the army and the war will start between the Dakotas and the US Army then we’ll use the war to hunt as long as the warcontinues.
There was a feeling among the tribe that the chief was a genius and he couldn’t be wrong but, this time, things are not going to go as smooth as everyone thinks.
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